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FenKid Parenting Classes

Fenkid is short for Frühe Entwicklung des Kindes begleiten” which describes walking alongside our children through their developmental steps in their first years of life. We focus on the babies’ interests and their sensitive periods for learning and development. One important part of a FenKid class is to learn about the individuality and specific needs of our child through observing, appreciating, valuing, recognizing and sharing the moment with our child. After a quiet observation phase, we talk and reflect about what we have seen. This helps us to learn to read the signals of our child and to develop our personal responses. We get to better know ourselves and refine our role as a parent while learning together with our children.
FenKid has been developed by “Beratungsstelle für Natürliche Geburt und Elternsein“ since 1998.
FenKid´s philosophy is based on current research and findings in:

  • Developmental Psychology
  • Brain research
  • Infant research
  • Attachment research

It is related to the pedagogical concepts of

  • Maria Montessori
  • Emmi Pikler
  • Elfriede Hengstenberg
  • Jesper Juul

How is the course set up?
We offer parents a gently guided safe environment to attentively gather with their child.
In general we see a single parent with his/her baby meeting with others in a group of 6-8 participants.
Referring to the individual stage of development of your child we do create an environment so there are plenty of opportunities to play, to experience the environment, to move around or just “to be”.

Two different classes:
Mum and Baby FenKid -
2-6 months old, it includes some baby massage
Crawler FenKid - Your Baby is on the move....
In the first months of children´s lives they often play by themselves, concentrating only on themselves and their close surroundings. Slowly they develop the ability to play with others in a so-called “parallel play”. This means the child begins to imitate and be inspired and learn from others.
The last module of the course includes themes of interest for parents like physical and cognitive development, scientific findings etc. We speak about burning questions from parents e.g. breast feeding, bottle feeding, spoon feeding, food in general, childcare, reentry to the workplace after maternity leave, how to support and foster the child’s development, education etc.

What makes FenKid so different?
We enhance and develop our concept continuously to work with the best quality and knowledge for our parents.
Our primary focus in the course is on our children and our full attention is on their needs instead of simply achieving a goal or running through a program of a course.
Our strongest focus is on bonding and relational competence based on modern brain research, Emmi Pikler, Maria Montessori, Elfriede Hengstenberg and Jesper Juul’s findings. As a relationship is not something that you get from the beginning of life it has to be developed and established. Throughout our courses, we seek to help parents to enhance, stabilize and develop the relationship with their children. This is with a long time perspective to improve the quality of families’ lives.

Email: buero@haeberlstrasse-17.de Phone: 089 -550 678 0

FenKid is like a break from the routines of daily life, a time for new inspirations.The course supported me to enhance my family life.
U, Julian, 12 months